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What's the best diet for weight loss?

A: Yours. With a few fixes. 

While all diets can lead to weight loss, not all will fit into your life. Family responsibilities, work stress, time, and other priorities make it hard to stick with any one diet. But just a few tweaks to how you already eat can help you reach your health goals. 

Follow this blog for quick fixes to common diet quirks to start making changes that last.

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Q: How can I boost my Vitamin C intake?

A: Below is a smoothie recipe that provides most of your vitamin C needs in one yummy serving. It's a refreshing, hydrating, and well-balanced way to start your day. I woke up this morning to a Coronavirus world. My state just announced its first cases of the illness that is shutting down schools, driving down the economy, and clearing the shelves of essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. While the world is trying to mitigate the situation and flatten the curve, I work in a clinic. So off to work I go. While good nutrition is always top of mind for me, I was feeling an even stronger urge to up my antioxidant game. What better way than to turn to the antioxidant powerhouses of fruit

Q: I'm stuck at home. What can I whip together to eat?

A: Below are some healthy recipes you can whip together with some common pantry staples. Short on ingredients but can't get to the store? Consider a grocery delivery for these rainy-day recipes. Stock up A well-balanced meal will contain high fiber carbs, adequate protein, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eating well can help keep your immune system at its best to help fight and recover from illness. Here are some healthy foods to keep on hand. Stocking up on these ingredients throughout the year can also help keep you from the drive-thru when you need a fast-but-healthy meal. Kitchen Must-Haves Lean or plant-based protein Dried or canned beans of various varieties - for example, garbanz

Q: I have prediabetes. How can I turn it around?

A: While there are several things that can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes, healthy lifestyle changes can cut your risk in half without medication. Read on to find out how. What is prediabetes? Most cases of prediabetes are caused by insulin resistance. In other words, some things are blocking the insulin from working. Insulin is a hormone that helps the body use glucose for energy. Glucose (a type of sugar) provides energy to the brain, to muscle, and to most of the cells that make up the body. Without enough glucose, the brain does not function as well, muscles tire easily during exercise, and we may have general feelings of low energy. Insulin is often described as a key that open

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