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Tiki Feels with Mexican Spice in Downtown Ann Arbor

On the northern end of Ann Arbor's Main Street is an oasis of bright lights, festive colors, and Latin beats. Not only is it a refreshing contrast to the dimly lit, black napkin ventures that have dominated downtown for decades, but it makes for a sunny escape on a cold winter night in the Midwest.

Every corner of Chapala Mexican Restaurant transports you to a tropical getaway. From the colors on the walls to the swings on the tiki bar to the jewel-toned glasses, you cannot help but order one too many. After all, who wouldn't want to drink out of a glass like this?

The menu, equally fun in its own right, offers a mouthwatering array of Mexican favorites with authentic flavors.

My husband and I shared the Fajitas Tejanas and the first bite further escalated my vacation feels. I've also enjoyed the sopes and the lobster quesadilla, and Chapala never fails to satisfy. Each meal is comforting and warm, and the portions are generous, making for an indulgent getaway for a great price. After scanning the menu, the average cost per entree was about $17 to $19, yet another contrast to the pricier venues a couple blocks south.

Mindful Eating Tip

When dining out, share an entree with your companion, or box half and take it home for later!

If the decor and the menu exude fun and comfort, it is because of its owner. Almost every time my husband and I have been there, Cesar Ochoa has welcomed us personally. We have not been there enough yet for him to know us personally, but he always treats us like old friends. On the evening of New Year's Day, when we settled at the bar after a snowy, 3-mile walk to town, Cesar welcomed us saying, "We have menudo today if you're hungover." With that kind of greeting, you cannot help but feel relaxed, and so begins the escape.

Chapala Mexican Restaurant is located at 211 N. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.


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