Living Healthy in the Real World
J.B. Patterson

Q: How do I break my weight loss plateau?

A: The dreaded plateau. Inevitably, it happens to everybody. Fortunately, many people have found that by staying on course, the moment passes. The first key to success is to not give up. Next, consider if there are some tweaks you can still make. Here are three possible fixes that can help give you the metabolic boost you need to keep seeing change. This is the moment we all dread, including your health coach. You've increased your physical activity, you've cut your calories, and you have been seeing steady progress. You've been doing all the right things, but then your progress stalls. You consider your choices: Choice #1: Eat less? If you cut any more calories you'll be left with air. Cho

Q: I travel a lot for work. How can I stay active?

A: Staying active while traveling may be easier than you realize. Here are some easy steps you can take to stay on track while on the road. I'm at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C., wearing a backpack and carrying a duffel bag. I race along, blending into the crowd of travelers. However, I'm not rushing to my flight. I'm taking a moment to get some steps. While I walk, I inconspicuously bend and extend the arm that is carrying the duffel, sort of like a dumbell row. It's a slight movement. No one is the wiser. I work my arm to fatigue, then switch sides. I carry on like this from Gates 1 to 22, back and forth a couple of times. By the end, my heart rate is elevated and my arms are b

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