Living Healthy in the Real World
J.B. Patterson

Q: What's the recipe for your apple and cucumber matchstick salad?

A: I recently threw together a sweet and savory salad for a pot luck. I have been trying to come up with new and creative ways to serve fruits and vegetables, moving beyond party trays and leafy salads. My efforts must be paying off as I received several requests for this recipe. So it seemed worthy for my next blog post. Apple and Cucumber Matchstick Salad with Feta and Walnuts Ingredients 1 English cucumber 2 apples 2 medium carrots 2 cups shredded red cabbage 1/2 cup cranberries 1/2 cup reduced fat feta, crumbled 1/4 cup chopped walnuts Salt and pepper to taste Dressing 1/4 up extra-virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp honey Directions Cut cucumber, apples and carrots into th

Q: I want to lose weight. How do I get started?

A: Getting started with weight loss can feel overwhelming. With so many different diets, conflicting information, product claims, and all of your other responsibilities in life, it is hard to know where to start. If your past efforts have only yielded yo-yo results, you may want to consider a different approach this time. Here are some essential first steps that can get you started in the right direction. While most diets can lead to weight loss, keeping the weight off is the bigger challenge. Long-term weight loss requires real change--not only to what you eat and how often you exercise, but also to how you think and feel about the process. These kinds of changes do not happen overnight. Re

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